At ci lab, we have four core values.


We provide everything we can to help our partners adopt continuous improvement.


We focus on providing tangible results from our engagements in helping good people do good things - so we partner with organisations with the same drive for results.


We focus on establishing continuous improvement capability in every organisation we partner with - so ongoing growth and improvement is driven by culture. 


We look to balance inequality in society as it's a root cause for a lot of significant issues we face as a society - so we sponsor a great group of kids through Kidscan.



We sponsor a great group of kids through Kidscan.

We made a commitment, as soon as we started CI Lab, that we'd support those that need support. We chose to sponsor kids through Kidscan - a great charity that helps kids in need. As one of our core values, we are committing to never reduce nor stop our support of Kidscan. No Matter What. Times are tough during Covid-19, but it's in challenges like this we, ourselves, get solace by committing to our values.



The legal stuff - Share, steal or credit us


Usually, for the small print, there’s an All Rights Reserved statement here.

But you know what, we are going to leave it up to you if you want to borrow, steal or credit our stuff. Why? Because we really believe that we contribute to making things better, and if that’s accelerated through our ideas being shared (or stolen), we actually support that. It’s a bit of a karma angle.


We are happy to share our ideas, we back ourselves to come up with new ideas and primarily our work is about building capability in teams.


Share, steal or credit us, it's up to you - just improve something for someone. Do what’s right. Enjoy.

Helping good people do good things

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