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  We’re an amazing team that brings a range of specialist and cutting edge       experience and perspectives to improving organisations processes, systems,   and the monitoring of those systems.  


Process and Customer Excellence

Darcy is hellbent on delivering results through building and unleashing continuous improvement capability within an organisation to improve processes, team capacity and culture, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Darcy does this by customising a holistic improvement approach to suit the specific needs of any organisation and their business environment.


Process Improvement and
Problem Solving Specialist

Rob enjoys the challenge of a problem that everyone has an opinion about, but never goes away.


Rob works alongside teams and subject matter experts to untangle data, opinions, emotions, and implicit assumptions that conceal the underlying cause of a problem.


A clear shared understanding of the root cause of a problem helps a team think of new ideas and effective answers.

Meet the team


Process Invention and Investigation

Adam melds together continuous improvement and industrial design. Having foundations in design doesn’t mean his world is only gizmos, more a focus on identifying and capitalising on product and service opportunities.
Adam’s process expertise helps teams to make evidence based decisions that benefit both the customer and business. As a strong visual communicator, expect your initiatives to be supported by compelling visuals that engage stakeholders and help communicate change. Then your team can get on with the business of improvement.


Team Dynamics and Culture

Navlene specialises in bringing teams together – the first stage of continuous improvement is to build co-operation across the teams, and Navlene runs exceptional events to build team engagement – within or across teams.

Navlene has superbly honed skills to successfully work with teams as a mentor for growth in capability on a personal level, and a facilitator for brokering relationships to build co-operation across teams.​


For more information on any of our team, or better yet – to arrange for a coffee with any of the team. Email us at:

CI Lab - here's why we should share a coffee catch up...

CI Lab - here's why we should share a coffee catch up...

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