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 We help good people do good things. 

 We help teams start or hone their continuous improvement culture.

 We know that with authentic and committed support, 

 teams will find the best way of working for themselves. 



Listening is the key; we listen, intently. We listen to properly understand, and when we all understand what needs to be done, it’s easy to become obsessed about improving our system.



We can solve problems. Which is good. What we think is better is to build and unleash the capability in your team to both notice and solve problems. Capability to improve their own work – both on a personal level and in the team.



We talk in plain language and keep things simple. We share everything and embed the capability to stay in your team when you want to run on your own. We support teams who in turn serve others and make a positive difference.

What we do

Things we do to make life easier for our clients

Process improvement

  • Harmonise your processes – to significantly improve performance and customer focus

  • Offer process diagnostic of process health and determine the value of performance improvements so you know the gains

  • Map processes and collect process performance data

  • Project management of continuous improvement initiatives.

Build team and leadership capability

  • Build capability and a culture of continuous improvement in your team

  • Provide Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement training for teams

  • Provide personal performance improvement workshops – help your team getting more done every day, easier.

Performance measures and monitoring

  • Develop better reporting with the right performance measures which drive customer-focused behaviours

  • Establish measures and mechanisms to provide crucial and timely insights with lead rather than lag data

  • Develop benefit realisation frameworks that suit your team’s projects and initiatives.

Increasing the impact of continuous improvement at your organisation

Our analysis will provide valuable insights and recommendations to increase the impact and benefits of your continuous improvement team. We’ll undertake an analysis of, and gap analysis between:

  • The nature of the work being asked of the continuous improvement team to deliver,

  • Their capability to and performance of delivery of the work, and

  • The alignment of the work to the purpose of a continuous improvement team and the strategy of your organisation.

Perhaps something we’ve mentioned above is exactly what you are looking for. So let’s catch up and chat about what you need to make life easier. We don’t sell – our approach is to listen to understand what you need. We’ll then share our experience, what we can provide and our approach, and if that resonates with you, then great.

The first step is for us to listen to what you need, over a coffee.

Just drop us a line at and let us know when suits.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. 

— Confucius

Need support?

Ci Lab offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund, and Ci Lab is a Callaghan Innovation Better by Lean registered provider.

Both these initiatives offer training and consulting subsidies to organisations that qualify. Contact us to discuss if these subsidies are available to your team.

Unleash your teams capability to make everything better

Unleash your teams capability to make everything better

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